Garnier Moisture Bomb Super-Hydrating Soothing Mask | First Impressions Review

I’ve seen these talked about from a few (Western) Beauty Bloggers talking about how good they are so I decided to pick some up.

Now, it could just be me but I have definitely noticed that asian beauty brands seem to have the fit of sheet masks down so much better than Western brands. No hate just an observation.

This makes me hesitant to try Western sheet masks because of the ones I’ve tried there is only one that I have repurchased and will continue to use and that has a super weird design.

So, lets talk packaging. I love the pink packaging of the product and the chamomile (I think) flower on the front.

There isn’t a particular smell to the mask which I quite like. I find that sometimes products with strong scents give me a headache. However, having looked at the ingredients there is fragrance in the mask [parfum / fragrance (F.I.L B184597/1)] so if this is an issue for you then I would avoid this mask.

So far, I’m quite happy with the packaging and the scent (there isn’t one) of this mask, however, now for the negatives.

THE MASK. I mean I can understand why Garnier decided to add a protective film – it makes the mask easier to fold and stops it sticking together.

What it also does it stops the mask from sticking to your face. I managed to get the mask on really well (I would say perfectly, but it definitely wasn’t) and I was happy with how it was looking, until I tried to peel the film off and ended up with something like this:

So lets talk fit. Well, the mask comes with side splits – I normally really like these on masks because it means I can fit the mask wherever I need. Not on this one, oh no, because the slits are secured at either end.

It looks like someone has attempted to slit your face and only made contact with your mask. I had to rip through each side so that I could apply the mask well.

And the eyes👀. The eye holes are plenty wide enough which is great and all but they need to be wider. Much wider. Maybe I just have really wide eyes? But the right eye hole keeps slipping up and poking me in the eye.

Is there any way this mask can redeem itself? Well, maybe. The instructions say to leave the mask for 15 minutes and then remove gently and rub in any excess serum.

Well I lost track of time and left the mask on for around half an hour. I peeled it off gently, it all came away in one go, and there was a good amount of essence which I rubbed into my skin.

As soon as I had rubbed the mask essence into my skin I expected my face to feel/get sticky and it didn’t!

This is the first mask that I have tried that hasn’t left me feeling sticky and uncomfortable after removal.

I applied my night cream over the top of the essence. It applied and rubbed in well and my skin feels very hydrated and moisturised.

I will report back in the morning with how my skin feels from this mask.

So, would I repurchase? Hmm, if I found the mask on offer then maybe I would but based on how difficult it was to apply and wear I’m not sure. I think my final decision will be based on how my skin feels tomorrow morning.

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