Skin Emmies 2017 | Day Seven – Device or Tool

My current favourite device would have to be this skin analyser. 

I picked this up from amazon and it was delivered at the weekend. 

I thought I knew my skin quite well before this device arrived and I have to say that I was correct, however, this has also taught me so much about my skin. 

I may start doing reviews of products now that I can add an actual reading on my skins reaction to it rather than just talking about how it makes my skin feel. 

The device has a memory function for 5 readings which is really helpful so that I can remember my skins reading before a product/from the previous routine. 

Obviously, because the price point was so low it may not be perfect but I don’t think its far wrong because of the feeling in the skin correlates with the reading on the device. 

I would definitely recommend picking one of these up if you are interested in them. 

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