Skin Emmies 2017 | Day 8 – Serum

My favourite serum would have to be Simply Pure Hydrating Serum.

I’ve been using this serum for around 2 years and I am never without it.

I find that it just works with my skin to really hydrate my skin so that my oily skin doesn’t get out of control during the day.

I used to never use moisturiser or serum because of how oily my skin was but I soon learnt that my skin was producing oil because I needed moisture.

As soon as I added moisture to my skin a lot of my oil creation slowed and I could try different products.

In fact, my skincare journey could be measured in the foundations that I like to wear – when it was at its worst it was a thick matte foundation (usually far too dark for me😂) and a heavy coating of powder whereas now I prefer radiant foundations and minimal powder.

All thanks to my skincare journey and this little product. If you were looking for a hydrating serum but don’t want to spend the earth then I would definitely recommend this!

The next hydrating serum that I have on my list is Jordan Samuel Skin’s Hydrating Serum. It just looks 👌🏻.

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