WARNING – This is very long post. I would recommend getting a drink and a snack before you settle down to read.

Since it was my birthday the other day I decided to treat myself and get my first facial. I went for the Spa Find Express Elegance Facial at Alley Cats Beauty Salon in Alton.

The facial is described as “a mini-facial incorporating a full cleansing and toning sequence, exfoliation to brighten the skin, nourishing mud mask to suit your skin type and mini facial massage, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing.”

As soon as we arrived for our facials we were offered drinks (I went for a glass of water) and were seated whilst the lady went and got the room ready. The whole atmosphere at Alley Cats is lovely, warm and welcoming.

As soon as the room was ready we were led through to the treatment room and I got to go first so got ready on the bed. The bed was so comfortable I could have fallen asleep just from lying down! The best bit was that it was heated & you are covered in a blanket.

The lady (I feel awful – I forgot to ask for her name) began by double cleansing my face using the Spa Find Balance Beauty Stabilizing Cleanser, and covering my eyes with cotton pads with Spa Find Exquisite Eyes Cooling Eye Cleanser. This felt to extra and relaxing – like I was in my own little world of relaxation and comfort. Once my skin was fully cleansed she followed it with the Spa Find Perfect Purity Dermabalance Control Spray toner.

Next, she massaged my decolletage, shoulders and arms using the Spa Find Deep Sea Nourishment Intensive Day + Night Cream. Oh my gosh this was incredible!

I’ve never had a massage before so if this is what a super quick massage was like then I want a proper one ASAP!

Once she had removed all the cleanser from my eyes and face she exfoliated my skin using the Spa Find Sea Sand Scrub. This was a set that I wasn’t even sure I needed – I exfoliate my skin with acids rather than physical exfoliators but this seemed to be exactly what my skin needed. I will definitely be introducing a physical exfoliator back into my routine once a week.

Next, she removed the exfoliator from my face, re-toned then applied the Spa Find Balanced Beauty Stabilizing Mud Mask. This smelt incredible. All the products are sourced from the dead sea and so they smell beautifully earthy and clean.

Whilst the mask was drying, the lady gave me a scalp massage. Now I won’t lie, this is the point that I nearly fell asleep! I was so warm and comfortable and felt so pampered that I could have quite happily slept the rest of the evening away.

Once the mask had been removed by skin felt amazing. As she removed the mask and moisturised my skin using the Spa Find Deep Sea Nourishment Intensive Day & Night Cream she gave me the most amazing facial massage which left my face feeling light, sculpted and super soft.

I am so impressed with my first facial, and Alley Cats Beauty Salon, that I will definitely be returning soon for another facial, maybe a Spa Find Renewed Radiance Hydrating Mud Mask.

As soon as we were ready to leave (my friend had the same facial as I did straight after me), the lady very kindly gave us some leaflets detailing the products that were used and some samples – both of Spa Find products and Skinician products, both of which I am super excited to try.

So that was a round up of my facial, have you tried a facial? What did you have done and what did you think?

Side note – please excuse the lighting in all the images in this post; we were still in the treatment room with muted lighting but I couldn’t need get a selfie as soon as it was done!

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