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I have recently been getting really into skincare, especially K-Beauty skincare. I wasn’t sure where to start with getting into K-Beauty but then I thought about it and realised that I don’t need all that much new skincare at present as I have most of my bases covered.

What I was missing however, was sheet masks. I wasn’t sure which sheet masks to pick because I don’t really know of any good brands for sheet masks so I decided to get a couple.

I picked up 16 sheet masks from Amazon for £13.90 and they arrived the next day. The masks included in this set are:

  • Pearl collagen essence mask
  • Syn-ake collagen essence mask
  • Platinum collagen essence mask
  • Vitamin (C) collagen essence mask
  • Green tea collagen essence mask
  • Aqua collagen essence mask
  • Snail collagen essence mask
  • Q10 collagen essence mask
  • Hyaluronate collagen essence mask
  • Herb collagen essence mask
  • White collagen essence mask
  • Gold collagen essence mask
  • Royal Jelly collagen essence mask
  • Cucumber collagen essence mask
  • Aloe collagen essence mask
  • Charcoal collagen essence mask

All of the masks do different things for my skin which is why I decided to pick up so many. Some are intended to clarify, some hydrate, others brighten and others soothe.

I am yet to try these masks, I have tried one other sheet mask that I will be posting a first impressions review of soon, but I will be posting first impression reviews of all of these masks in due course.

Have you tried any sheet masks that you would recommend? Please let me know.

Thanks for reading,

Ellie x

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