Beauty Formulas Snail Regenerating Facial Mask | First Impression Review

I picked this up in Savers in my local town two weeks ago because the bright colours caught my eye and I had heard that snail is meant to be really good for your skin. 

This mask claims that “Beauty Formulas Snail Regenerating Facial Mask is an innovative 2-step skin treatment programme that combines an effective Regenerating Serum with the wonderful benefits of a Facial Mask infused with Snail Extract for maximum moisturising performance leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated”

The mask comes in two sections; a regenerating serum to apply all over the face and then a sheet mask to apply over the top. 

The scent of the mask is very fresh and clean and there was ample serum to apply to my face. What I will say is that you will need scissors to open this mask otherwise you may lose a good amount through ripping the packet. 


This fit of this mask can only be described as “funny”. The mask is stitched down the middle with a ‘cup’ for your chin. This means that the mask fits well under your chin but it can be difficult to align the mask with the rest of your face. If the mask was maybe 2cm longer for my forehead then it would be ideal. The mask seemed to sit on the sides of my face well. 

The mask adhered well and I wore it for 20 mins and it was still moist when I removed the mask. It left my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. 

Once I had removed my mask, I rubbed what was left of the essence into my face then applied my night cream and went to bed. 

I found the essence slightly sticky once I had removed the mask but as soon as I rubbed the essence in, the stickiness left. 

My skin felt super smooth and hydrated the next morning when I woke up. 

I would definitely repurchase this mask. 

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