I have seen Jade Rollers all over the internet as of late and of course, decided I needed one right away.

I decided to order one off amazon because the prices were so good. I fully expect that the roller I have isn’t proper jade but I’m just not that bothered.

I decided to test it out last night and, although I can’t see any major difference in my skin, it did feel wonderful to sit there watching Netflix and practising a bit of facial massage.

I will continue to use the jade roller and to monitor my skin to see if there are any changes. My main problem area is my double chin. I just hate it so much and I need to get rid of it but as of yet can’t be bothered. That will soon be changing believe me!

I will post a link to my jade roller later but I know that it definitely cost me under £10.00.

Have you tried a Jade Roller? What did you think?

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