Goals Skincare

T W E N T Y O N E 🎉🎉🎉

Yesterday I turned 21 and I wanted to set myself some goals to get the most out of the following year.

1️⃣Keeping a skincare diary:

My skin for the most part is relatively well behaved; I don’t really break out massively but I do get sensitive really easily. I want to start keeping a log of my skin and taking daily pictures (as soon as I wake up, after my AM Routine & after my PM Routine) to see how my skin is behaving to help me see what is causing those issues. I’ll be posting more pictures of my skin and my routines using #21skincarediary because I like seeing change and I’m ready to really get to know my skin and what affects it.


I want to try my best to put myself on a no-buy between now and Christmas. I can only purchase something if I have run out of something the same/similar.

3️⃣Let Things Go:

I have quite a few products in my collection (both skincare and makeup) that I’m just not keen on so I will be giving those to people that I think may like the product more.


Not all that long ago I had a massive declutter and it made me feel so good. However, I seem to have accumulated so much stuff since I did that that I need to do it all over again. I am so looking forward to having such a massive clear out.

5️⃣Start Working Out:

I am the laziest person ever and I’m starting to realise that I really need to start doing something so over the next couple of months I will be trying all sorts to find something that works for me.

There may be more goals to come but I think the above 5 are enough for me at the moment.

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