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Skin Type & History

Type: Combination with a very oily T-Zone and a very dry forehead.

Sensitivity: Very sensitive; reacts extremely easily, clogs often and very acne prone.

Shade/Undertone: Very pale with a neutral undertone. (MAC NW10/NARS Siberia/The Ordinary 1.0N)

Fitzpatrick Skin Type: Type I – Highly sensitive, always burns, never tans. Example: Red hair with freckles.

Concerns: Redness, dehydration, breakouts, clogged and enlarged pores, scarring.


I am (almost) 21 years old and have very ance-prone skin. Since going on the Pill my skin has calmed down a lot although I do still get breakouts. Without the Pill I dread to think what my skin would look like.

In order to keep my skin behaving, I need to regular mud mask to draw out all the impurities and unclog my pores. I try and do this twice a week and I use a chemical exfoliant everyday, at least once, to try and get on top of any active breakouts.

Because I am so pale I find that I burn ridiculously easily, even in the UK. For this reason my current ‘goal’ in relation to my skin is to find an SPF that works for me and to start using it daily.

To be quite honest, I’m not even sure what drew me into skincare but I know that I already have quite the collection that is constantly growing.

Image taken 23.10.2017; This isn’t even my full collection!

On my blog you’ll see:

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and much, much more. Welcome in, I hope you’ll stay.

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