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My skin has been so dry, dehydrated and uncomfortable lately its unreal. So, Saturday I had the day at home to get some life-admin sorted and I decided to use the day to realy try and hydrate my skin. Here’s what I used:

Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser – I love this for a morning cleanse. I like how creamy it is but it also seems to exfoliate my skin and leave it feeling super soft and plump afterwards.

NSPA Mud Mask – I’ve had a few spots and blocked pores this week so I decided to pop this on to really to get rid of them. I have to say that I really don’t love this mask – it dries too quick in some areas and never seems to dry in others but I will use it up before I move onto something else.

Naturally Radiant Gycolic Pads – These are great if you are just getting into acid toning – or like me, haven’t bothered for a while; but I do find that they don’t give me the tingle that I long for when I exfoliate with them. I’ve got a few other products in my arsenal for that which I will be talking about soon.

Simply Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream – I like this for under my concealer because it hydrates my under-eye area without leaving it sticky, however, I’m looking for something richer for makeup-free days. Does anyone know of anything that they would recommend?

Simply Pure Water Mask – I like this but I find it really sticky. It would seem that my skin drinks the moisture out of this mask as soon as it can and then it just leaves my skin feeling super sticky. I’m still not sure what I think of this.

Naturally Radiant Renewing Night Cream – I know this was a day time routine but I wanted something that would really hydrate my skin. Plus, I only picked this up the other day and I wanted to really play with it and see what I think. So far, I quite like it.

So, that was Saturday’s routine. I’m going to try and start daily blogging again and I think the best way to do that would be to blog my skincare routines and any products I happen to pick up or order. With that in mind, I am off to sleep but I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead.

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