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Weekly Round Up #4

This weeks weekly round up is a day late because I have a really nasty cold at the moment and I got home last night and just crawled into bed! So I’m sorry about that, but happy Saturday! What does everyone have planned? This week was odd. It feels like it went on forever but the bank holiday Monday was lovely but really threw me. I spent the day at my friends helping her to clear out her room which has motivated me to do mine! I also finished my job this week and I miss everyone already!


My plans for this week were pretty easy to write down but not so easy to tick off. But, besides my declutter which still needs finalising, I feel like I’ve done pretty well. Also, I’ve been trying to find a nice 2018 diary so I can start planning next year and I just cannot find any that I like, could anyone recommend any nice diaries for 2018?

  1. Finish my declutter. I want to be utterly ruthless about this and get rid of as much stuff as I possibly can. This also includes body and hair care.
  2. Sit down and plan the rest of the year away. I’ve started doing this this week and it has helped me get my head sorted SO much. I need to start using my bullet journal too but having a pre-made planner is just what I need at the moment – there is just too much in my brain at the moment to try and be all creative too. I did this one evening and it was so useful it’s unreal! I feel like I’m starting to get my head together which is really handy!!
  3. Plan my 18 before 2018. I love reading Lisa Jacobs blog and I find her posts like this so motivating so I like to try and do something like this myself to really motivate myself to finish the year strong. I’ve jotted down all my ideas in a scrap-paper pad and I just need to draw them up nicely before I publish them on here soon.



This week I’ve been reading the Regency Romance collection by Bridget Barton. The series follows the Cunningham and the Farrington families as they work to overcome to feud that has come between their families for over 30 years. A must read if you like regency romances like I do!


This week I’ve written a lot of chatty posts rather than beauty content and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve got lots of content ideas up my sleeve so I just need to sit down, jot them down and then get them written up. I also tried to live-blog Great British Bake Off on Tuesday evening and I really enjoyed it so I might try it again next week, what does everyone think?


I’ve managed to get a cold over the last couple of days so basically all I’ve been doing is sneezing and blowing my nose. I’m sure my body thought ‘you have a week off now, why not get a cold?’ not cool body, not cool.


Fish and chips on the beach in Hayling Island yesterday evening was definitely the culinary highlight of the week, although by the time I realised I wanted donuts from the fun fair they had shut so I’m a little upset about that but looking on the bright side and all that…


This week yet again I’ve been really into Podcasts, there was a new Full Coverage episode out which was really cool and I’ve been catching up with ‘At Home With’ but I need new recommendations, what are some good podcasts to catch up with?


I’ve not planned a whole lot this week because I’ve just taken it easy because I’ve been super tired but I have started another massive declutter and that has basically sapped all my energy and interest. But I’m nearly done then I might show of the results.


Last weekend I met up with a friend for lunch and we decided we are going on a girls holiday next year and we decided we might try and vlog our holiday so the conversation turned to cameras and we decided we wanted some action go-pro like cameras so I had a google search and picked up this one. It arrived this morning and oh man I am so excited to play around with it.


I needed a new hair brush this week after I covered my other one in hair colour remover and conditioner so I picked up this one and oh my god its amazing! I have really thick hair that hurts to detangle but this doesnt hurt at all. I also love the coloured bristles although my dad says it looks like floor brush so theres that…


This is always the hardest part of the week! I really struggle with what to focus on but here are my goals for next week:

  1. Get to grips with my new camera – there may be some weekly vlogs or get ready with me’s coming your way soon
  2. Finish up the declutter. Oh man I really wish I didn’t have to keep writing this but I promise I will get it done!
  3. Kick this cold. I feel like I’m drowning in snot and its unreal! I’m hoping I can get rid of it super soon because I’m bored of this already!

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