The Scent Of Autumn | Pumpkin & Chestnut

Oh my god this smells amazing! And even better for only £3.75!

I picked this up in my local Sainsbury’s this morning because a) its an Autumn candle and b) it was on offer.

I have to say that I don’t like the smell of pumpkin normally but this is the perfect blend of pumpkin, chestnut, vanilla and other scents that it all blends in together and just smells amazing.

I apologise for such a rambly post but I just really like the smell of this candle and the fact that somewhere in the UK that is easily accessible for such a good price.

I would definitely recommend this candle – it think its going to take me ages to get through all of it as it is!

Unfortunately it does not seem to be online yet but as soon as I can find I will link it here.



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