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This week has been my ‘getting my sh*t together’ week, which you would know if you followed me on twitter (@elliewilsonblog) and its been pretty manic – what would have a been a lovely quiet week for me turned into a manic week. But we are out the other side and things are looking up; if you follow me on twitter then you would know that I’ve got a new job!! On Sunday night (when I should have been sleeping) I spent around 20 minutes to half an hour writing myself a list of everything that I needed to get done this week. Now, I would normally do this in my bullet journal but I didn’t want to have to waste extra time on drawing out my schedule; I wanted something that was easy to use and view and that would be with me everywhere I went. Enter my phone and the notes app – everything is in one place and I can tick things off as and when they get done.


My goals for this week were pretty simple and I feel like I ticked quite a few of them off of my list!

  1. Blog everyday. This should be pretty easy to stick to as I have a massive backlog of reviews to go up that have been sat in drafts for ages!
  2. Sort out my new notebook. I have introduced a new notebook to the fold for blogging. All my life admin bits and pieces go in my bullet journal but I wanted a separate space for blogging.
  3. Have a massive declutter. I realised a lot more about my body shape whilst I was on holiday – I like loose tops much more than tight tops etc. etc. this then encouraged me to really go through all my clothes and have a massive declutter. I might even try a capsule closet for a while.



My book of the week would definitely be Sali Hughes’s Pretty Iconic Book. I finished Pretty Honest whilst I was in Spain the other week and as soon as I was home with a Wi-Fi connection I ordered Pretty Iconic. If you haven’t read either of Sali’s books then you are really missing out and need to check them out as soon as you can. Also, on a quick trip into Sainsbury’s the other day I picked up both Company and Glamour magazines and felt really old-school. I’ve also found the website Racked. Hooked, absolutely hooked! Their ‘just one thing’ reviews are incredibly.


This week has been another week of testing products and writing reviews on those products, however I am really proud of the content that I have produced this week and I hope that that pride carries on in the future. I think I am finally finding the confidence to just be myself and publish whatever I want, whenever I want.


Following on from yesterday’s blog post I am in a dedicated relationship with podcasts at the moment, especially the full coverage podcast run by makeup artist Harriet Hadfield and author and beauty junkie Lisa Kelk. Nothing brings out the beauty junkie in me than listening to other people talk about their latest finds.


I’ve spent a lot of time trying to work out my capsule closet this week but I’ve also had quite a few job interviews this week so I’ve been doing a lot of research this week on the companies that I had applied for and it clearly paid off because I GOT THE JOB!!


I think the best meal that I’ve had this week was a medium-rare steak from The Trooper Pub in Froxfield last night. The meat was amazing, the fried mushroom was the best I’ve had for a while however, I wasn’t keen on the chips. I like a nice golden chip (think chip shop chips) but these were very thick and still had the skin-on. I was also really happy that it came on a proper plate – I went out for lunch during the week and my food came on a slate instead. Now I’m sorry but if I’m spending good money on food then I want it on a proper plate. Unpopular opinion I know.


This week I’ve been planning my next driving test, researching interview questions and preparing for my new job. The dress code at my new job is slightly different to my current job so I’ve been doing a lot of research to try and find some new pieces to add to my wardrobe.


I broke my no-spend this week but for the best possible reasons. 1) I had an interview after work one evening that had been scheduled that afternoon so I had nothing with me and needed to try and look my best and 2) I got offered the job that I wanted so I celebrated by treating myself to MAC Ruby Woo.


This week I have been wanting to try contact lenses. Having started wearing makeup again I remember how much I hate wearing foundation with glasses. By the end of the day I had an in-print of my glasses across my nose and my glasses where they had removed the makeup on my face.


This week I haven’t tried a whole lot but I did try the MUA Pixel Perfect Multi Bronze in Sunseeker Sheen, which is lovely slightly bronzey blush that helps to define my cheekbones really well. I definitely recommend this product. I use it with a stippling brush.


My product of the week this week would have to be Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I think it might even count as one of my essential products. If, for whatever reason, I ever lost my bottle then I would definitely repurchase a bottle as soon as I could.


  1. Finish my capsule closet. This week I want to put the final touches together for my capsule closet. I have so many clothes that I don’t wear because for whatever reason I don’t feel comfortable wearing them that I may as well donate them to someone who will love them and find myself some new pieces that I know I will love.
  2. Finalise my workwear wardrobe. I have almost done this, I just need some shoes and tops/shirts. Which would be really easy to shop for if I knew exactly what I wanted instead of just guessing as I am now.
  3. Take it easy. I have been so tired ever since I got back from Spain that I just need to take it easy on myself and just take some evenings to just relax instead of putting even more pressure on myself.

So that was my week, what has your week been like?

Thanks for reading,

Ellie xo

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