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I’ve decided to start doing weekly round ups. I’m such a nosey person that these (and vlogs) are some of my favourite posts and videos to watch. So, if I enjoy them so much why haven’t I been making my own?! Welcome to the first weekly round up on elliewilson.net! This week i have been in a massive fog of tiredness. It was my first week back from Spain and I am still trying to get myself back into a routine. This week the focus has been on testing out a load of new skincare and getting everything back in order in the house (and not falling asleep on the sofa).


I gave myself three goals this week and considered anything over that a success. Considering it’s Friday and I’m still alive I’d count that as a pretty big success.

  1. Not give myself food poisoning. Now I can cook but I don’t very often and I’m not the most confident in the kitchen. To get through the week I stuck to basic meals and I feel like I’ve done really well so far! I’ve gone for fajitas, lasagna, chicken supreme and chicken goujons.
  2. Not burn the house down. Following on from the above point, I’ve not burnt anything or set fire to anything and everything has been cleaned and tidied away properly. Another success.
  3. Try and keep the house tidy. Another success here – I’ve tidied up as I go and the only rooms I’ve really used are the living room and the kitchen so I’ve cleaned up at the end of every evening and I’ve even done a couple of extra loads of laundry this week!


Book: This week I have started reading the ‘life-changing magic of not giving a f**k’ by Sarah Knight. I can’t wait to get my teeth into this and let you know what I think of it in the end.
Blog: My blogger of the week would have to be Caroline Hirons. I devour every post she writes and if I’m not sure about a product or an ingredient then it is her blog that I will turn to for help.

This week I have been consolidating all the blog posts I wrote while I was on holiday. Weirdly I found it really motivating to sit and write posts without internet access to distract me. I managed to write three posts on the flight out to Spain, and two and a half on the way home. I find using Google Docs really helps me to write posts so maybe I need to switch my WiFi off when I want to sit down and write.

This week my parents have been away (they stayed an extra week) so I had a friend over on Tuesday evening for a mini dinner party. I felt like a proper domestic goddess – I made a lasagna from (almost) scratch and I had the table laid and most of the washing up done before she even arrived! I count that as a success in my book.

As mentioned, my parents have stayed an extra week in Spain so I have had to be cooking for myself this week. I decided to go with really easy simple meals that are quick and easy to make. The best meal would have to be fajitas made from a kit from Tesco (for only £1.89!!) I managed to make two full meals from it and I’m craving it already!!

This week I’ve been split between my flow on Deezer and podcasts. My current favourite Podcast would be The Trail Went Cold by Robin Warder. If you’re into true crime and unsolved mysteries then I would definitely give this a try – it’s amazing!! I listen to it through the Podcast App on my iPhone.

This week I managed to file all the emails in my personal inbox away. I had over 500 sitting in my inbox taking up space and stressing me out. I managed to file everything away in my current system but it’s not working for me so I’m tempted to try Caroline Hiron’s ‘The 5 Email Folder Rule’. I’ll keep you updated as to whether it works out for me or not.

This week I have been like a mad-woman buying skincare. I took a good amount of product with me whilst I was in Spain and I really enjoyed every item I took with me, however, not even 24 hours into being back in the UK my aunty and I went shopping. I must have looked like I was trying out for Supermarket Sweep the way I ran round Superdrug that afternoon. I also picked up a few bits when I ordered my food shop from Tesco. I also splurged on some more makeup and skincare on Thursday, loving it all so far!

The standout products that I’ve tried this week would have to be Tesco’s Anti-Wrinkle Ceramides & Hyaluronic Face Cream and Simple Cleansing Oil. I really like both of these so far but I’ll keep you posted. I’ve also been trying Nunale Nail Strengthening Cream to recover my nails from my acrylics. I’m not sure how much it’ll do but I really like how it smells.


My goals for next week are pretty simple:

  1. Blog everyday. This should be pretty easy to stick to as I have a massive backlog of reviews to go up that have been sat in drafts for ages!
  2. Sort out my new notebook. I have introduced a new notebook to the fold for blogging. All my life admin bits and pieces go in my bullet journal but I wanted a separate space for blogging.
  3. Have a massive declutter. I realised a lot more about my body shape whilst I was on holiday – I like loose tops much more than tight tops etc. etc. this then encouraged me to really go through all my clothes and have a massive declutter. I might even try a capsule closet for a while.

So that was my week, what has your week been like?

Thanks for reading,

Ellie xo

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