Review: Waitrose Pure Hydration Facial Oil [Old Formula]

It would appear that I am too late to review this oil formula because it has been reformulated, keep your eyes peeled for a review on the new formula, but I loved this product that I can’t not talk about it, especially because it is so affordable and effective.

Alongside the Superdrug Night Cream (review to follow) the Waitrose Facial Oil is one of my favourite products. As explained in the night cream post I have very dry (yet still oily) eczema prone skin. When I first picked up this oil I did so because I had seen reviews on it and it seemed good, I didn’t know what it was supposed to do and what effect it was meant to have on my skin.

Three or four months down the line my eczema was horrendous and I needed something urgently that could work to repair the hydration levels in my skin without making my eczema worse. Enter the Waitrose Pure Hydration Facial Oil.

This is a product that is colourless and odorless and seemingly innocuous but packs a hefty punch without discomfort. Now that I know what this oil is capable of I use it under my night cream after completing the rest of my skincare routine to really make sure that my skin is as hydrated and comfortable as possible.

As I have mentioned, without this facial oil and the night cream I really don’t think my skin would be in such good condition. Another thing that I love about this facial oil is the packaging – the squeeze dropper and the glass bottle make it seem so much higher class than it actually is. I have other facial oils that were in a similar price bracket and reveal how cheap they were through their packaging.

In fact, I dislike the packaging on the other oils so much that once I have finished this oil I will rinse the bottle out and use it for one of the other oils. Packaging is a massive thing for me, I like to have my belongings on display and I really struggle to do this for products that I do not find aesthetically appealing.

On that note, I packed this oil in my suitcase when I went on holiday. I was really proud of myself because I’d double checked that I’d done the bottle up properly but what I hadn’t realised was there was a massive hole in the top of the dropper – you can see it sticking out in the picture. urgh. cleaning facial oil off all of my other skincare products was not what I wanted to do on the first night of my holiday.

Although Waitrose advise to use {usage instructions} I like to use a full dropper full of oil each evening because I like to make sure that my skin is as moisturised as possible as if not my skin becomes tight and itchy. I have to pay particular attention to my forehead to ensure that I have applied enough product. Having said that, if my skin is going through a particularly dry spell then I will also use this oil under my daily moisturiser as it works incredibly well at making my skin feel normal (not tight or uncomfortable) without making me exceptionally oily.

All of Waitrose own skincare ranges are vegan and cruelty-free as evidenced by the leaping bunny logo. I feel that this product would be suitable for all skin types, as far as I can tell (and I am no expert) because there doesn’t seem to be any ingredients that would irritate most skins.

So, would I repurchase this product? Definitely, if not only for the hydration that it provides but the beautiful packaging as well

You can buy Waitrose Simply Pure Hydrating Eye Cream here for £5.00.

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