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Products To Handle An Allergic Reaction

I wouldn’t necessarily say I had very sensitive skin. Sensitive but not very sensitive, or particularly reactive. However, if you follow me on twitter then you might have noticed on Saturday that I tweeted about a reaction I had to a product.

Now I’ve reacted to products before but this was a product that I had tried at least three times before. The product in question was a cleansing oil from a pricier section of the drugstore. Now I’m not going to name the product in this post because I don’t feel like that would be fair but I had used it a couple of times before and had, so far, really enjoyed using it.

Today I wanted to talk about my hero products that really saved my skin after I had such a big reaction – the reaction went all the way down to my collar bones. These are the products that I will always have in my arsenal because of how well they work for my skin – day to day and in times of crisis.


Waitrose Hydrating Eye Cream – I think I’ve banged on about this enough but I love this product and I honestly don’t want it to ever leave my life. I like how it hydrates my under eyes without being too much for under makeup. And, best of all its only £4.00!

Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum – I discovered this by fluke a couple of years ago and have had one in my collection constantly ever since. If you are a member of then everyone and thier mother on that site talk about how good this product is – with good reason.

Waitrose Hydration Facial Oil – for only £5 this is a massive bottle of oil with amazing packaging – a dropper is just amazing! I decided to use this over a night cream but it absorbs quickly into my skin and really helped to tone down the itch and the redness!

An honorary mention goes to Superdrug Vitamin E Night Cream this is a night cream that I use every evening because I just can’t get enough of it! I applied this product around an hour after I applied the other products because I wanted to make sure the redness was going to go down before I applied another product to my skin.

So there are the products I turn to when my skin is reacting badly, or when I need to add more moisture to my skin. Have you tried any products mentioned above?

Thanks for reading,

Ellie xox

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