Podcast of the Month

I am quite a new lover of podcasts. I’ve heard people talk about them for literally years but they literally just passed me by until I got my iPhone, thanks to the Podcast app. I was flicking through the app one day when I decided to give one a listen to. That podcast was The Trail Went Cold. Ever since then I have been looking for other podcasts to listen to and Mikhila mentioned in one of her vlogs or on her blog that she has been listening to Full Coverage, a new beauty podcast by Makeup Artist Harriet Hadfield and Author and Beauty Junkie Lindsey Kelk.

And, I was hooked from the start. At the time of writing this post there are only 11 episodes and it is my mission to finish them all this week (if possible) I just can’t get enough of beauty and to have a podcast dedicated to it makes me stupidly happy.

I want to try and make this a monthly feature – talking about the podcasts that I have found in that month and which is my favourite. Other podcasts that I’ve found this month include Fat Mascara, run by Jennifer Goldstein and Jessica Matlin, This Week In Makeup by brother and sister duo Crystal and Forrest based around upcoming makeup releases, Unstyled by Christene Barberich and The Emma Guns Show by beauty journalist and presenter Emma Gunavardhana.

What podcasts have you listened to lately that you would recommend?

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