Lets Chat: Just Do It

Its the night before I leave my job and man am I going to miss it! Tomorrow I have quite a lot of filing to do – I want to get as much done as possible to lighten the workload of my colleagues, then I want to re-label my files so they are as up to date as possible. All really boring admin tasks but someone needs to do that.

But, enough about all that. Lets talk about this evening & this week. This week my skin has been awful; truly the worst it has been in a while. And its all my fault. You see this week I got lazy, I stopped doing a full skincare routine in the evenings, other days I slept in my makeup and, although I regretted doing it, I didn’t regret it enough to not do it until I got a comment on instagram about how my ‘skin is actually perfect’ and it made me feel awful. awful and lazy.

Because I knew my skin could be in really good condition if I had actually bothered with it, the same with a lot of things, but because I hadn’t bothered it was now in a bad way with breakouts all over my face. And I was annoyed at myself so I decided to do something about it. I’m typing this with my favourite face mask (L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Face Mask) smothered all over my face and motivation to really start looking after my skin again.

So, the moral of the story? just put the effort in in the beginning rather than procrastinating and putting things off until things are so bad that I am upset and angry with myself.

With this in mind, I’m going to sit down tonight to start brain-dumping because I haven’t done this for so long and I want to try and get a list written down before I go to bed tonight so that I am ready to hit the ground running when I have my first day off on Friday. I have so much to get done that I need to start getting some words down on paper so that I can un-jumble my mind (is that even a word?!) and get shit done!

Also, on a tangent I have decided to take all pressure off myself in regards to blogging because I was stressing myself out for no reason at all and it was filling me with stress whenever I didn’t have a post up the next day but I’ve decided to take a step back and blog for enjoyment rather than seeing it as job/chore. I have decided to cast off all the pressure I have put on myself and blog for myself again but I still want to get my weekly round up posts up every Friday because I love looking back on them and seeing what I got up. Another reason I’m doing this is because I want to do a #30in30 during September and I’m not sure how successful that will be because I start my new job soon, but even if I fail I won’t mind because I’m doing this for me and I need to say goodbye to all the pressure!

TL;DR: don’t be lazy, get things done as soon as you need to and do things that makes you happy. I need to remember this for the future before I start putting too much pressure on myself again.

Well, that turned into a bit of a ramble but all I wanted to say was (in the words of nike) just do it! You might not feel like it at the time but you will definitely feel better for it in the long run!

Over and out…


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