Great British Bake Up: The Channel 4 Edition (Episode 1)


Today I want to try something different – live-blogging the first episode of The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4. If it goes well, I might repeat it, if not, then we won’t be repeating this.

19:50 skincare routine is done and I’m ready in my pjs with my laptop. Lets do this!

19:51 I’m trying to find an image for this post but I have yet to see an advert for the programme this evening (#unprepared) but I will find something soon.

19:55 with 5 minutes to go I am running round putting final touches together ready to snuggle down and get live-blogging. I’m nervous but excited! Fingers crossed it lives up to previous series or I will be really disappointed!!

20:00 HERE WE GO!!! Slightly cheesy intro but I love it!

20:01 I’ve found a temporary header image and I’m (slightly) happy with it.

20:02 So far, I’m happy with Noel and Sandi! Nothing will replace Mel & Sue but they bring their own sense of fun to the show and I think it works!!

20:03 I’ve had to google the hosts names already! I am so unprepared for this!!

20:04 we’ve had mention of stolen foods already!! at least they are trying to cover all their bases early!

20:05 How long do we think it will take us to learn everyone’s names? I feel like it might take me aggessss (nearly a whole series) to learn everyone’s names – and by that point nearly everyone would have been eliminated!!

20:07 text break – my cousin is back in the UK after her holiday and we are catching up! (#badblogger)

20:08 almost 10 minutes in and I’m loving it so far! I’ve missed bake off so much!!

20:09 and other check box ticked – an oven that has been turned on! & starting all over again! Its almost like it hasn’t changed channel or ever stopped!

20:11 Kate’s stencil looks amazing! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

20:13 watching the pressure kick in makes me nervous too! Its like sympathy-bake-off-itus!!

20:14 with freeze dried strawberry powder Kate’s stencil is going to look even better!! Look at it!!

20:15 with soggy bottoms galore I feel like I’m in seventh heaven! It really is back and is almost as good as it used to be!!


20:20 back to the tent for the judging of the first challenge

20:21 oooohhhh ‘style above substance’ ouch #poorkate

20:23 FIRST HANDSHAKE! OH MY GODDDDDDDDD!!! Totally deserved though!!


20:26 Time for the first technical. good luck to the bakers! I love the on-screen relationship between Noel and Sandi! It makes my heart happy! (SO MANY EXCLAMATION MARKS!!)

20:27 Am I the only one that just isn’t keep on mini rolls?

20:30 the amount of contestants that don’t read the instructions!! I can’t judge – I would do exactly the same thing but stillll!!

20:31 does a contestant go home tonight? The idea of that just makes me sad!

20:32 second challenge done – this so scary! Who do we think has done okay?

20:34 I can’t decide which ones are my favourite! Ahh this is stressful!!!

20:35 Congratulations to Kate!! She seems like one to watch!


20:39 Twitter seems even more divided than usual – half watching and loving & half refusing to even acknowledge. One thing is definite – everyone is missing Mel, Sue and Mary!

20:41 third challenge; an illusion cake. Here we go!

20:42 champagne bottles and handbags. Bringing a touch of class to bake off!

20:44 come on Liam! I am rooting for you!!

20:45 I can’t wait to see Flo’s water melon cake! how are all these bakers so creative?!

20:48 Prue is growing on me massively! She just seems so nice!

20:49 Oh Stacey, things just don’t seem to be working out for you. Fingers crossed she can claw it all back!

20:50 I can feel myself falling more and more in love with Julia! Her Russian doll is going be beautiful if it works!

20:52 so much innuendo! whats a bit of bake off without innuendo?

20:53 I wonder what the viewing stats are for bake off tonight? I will definitely be looking into that tomorrow.

20:54 holy crap they all look incredible!! AND TIME. READY FOR JUDGEMENT TIME. (sidenote: the Dr. Oetker ad is amazing!)


20:58 Yann’s cake looks breathtaking! She should be super proud of that!

20:59 what a shame about Kate’s terranium 🙁 what an absolute shame 🙁


21:01 what a shame about the Russian doll and the knife. but everything looks amazing!! Although the handbag is a little bit of a shame I would have to admit.

21:02 poor Stacey has really struggled, I would be even more of a mess if I was there!

21:03 Mate that BLT!!!! look at it!!!

21:04 Liam’s breakfast pancakes just look amazing! I hope it tastes okay!! yessssssss you got this! go Liam!!!

21:05 STAR BAKER TIME. who do we think got it?

21:06 nooooooo what is this another ad break?! argggghhhhh

21:10 right, are we all sitting comfortably?

21:10 STEPHENNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! yesssss!!

21:11 but I’m gutted to say goodbye to Peter. He looked like he had a great time even if it didn’t work out well. especially how he did everything with a smile on his face! I wish him the best!!

So that’s episode one done, what did we all think? I’m actually really excited for episode 2 – Tuesday can’t come quick enough! Bring on biscuits!!

Signing off now, good night all!

See you all next week, same time same place.

Thanks for reading,

Ellie xox

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