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Why I decided to rebrand my blog

Today’s blog post is going to be a long one. I decided to rebrand around seven months ago when I felt like I had lost my way blogging. Below is a rambly tale on why I did it and how I feel now having done it, enjoy!


Back in January I rebranded my blog. I’d wanted to do it for a while because I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take my blog and I felt like I was losing motivation because I didn’t know what I wanted to post or which direction to take my blog in.

I can remember the evening I decided to rebrand, I was doing the washing up in the kitchen whilst watching YouTube videos to make the time pass quicker (washing up is my least favourite chore out there) and I was watching Mikhila McDaid’s (MissBudgetBeauty’s) vlogs and she talked about how she had decided to rebrand under her own name.

It was almost like a lightbulb moment in my brain; if I could name my blog after myself then I could post on it whatever I wanted without feeling like I was going against my blog name. As soon as I had finished the washing up I went back up to my room and got googling.

I originally wanted or but both were taken so I settled on and I haven’t looked back. I am so familiar with my blog address now that I can just rattle it off without an issue. At the time  I felt a little put out that I couldn’t get a blog address that was what I considered the norm (.com or but now that I’m used to .net I don’t plan on changing it any time soon.

Having purchased my domain and set up a WordPress account I started to transfer everything from Blogger to WordPress. Now this took a lot more work than I was used to because Blogger sets things out so you know what to expect but WordPress is so much different to this. I did have a couple of minutes of regret because I just wasn’t sure whether I had done the right thing.

I left it a week or so, playing around with it each evening after work and I slowly began to fall in love. I love how you are almost in complete control, you can choose your theme, your plug-ins and even your font.

Now if you asked me whether I prefer WordPress or Blogger it would have to be WordPress although there is still so much out there that I don’t understand. And that’s okay – I’m going to make it a project of mine to learn more about WordPress and how to maximise my blog.

Changing from Blogger to WordPress also meant that I could delete a lot of blog posts that I didn’t feel represented me as a person anymore. And it felt amazing. I felt that I now had to confidence to publish (and hide) whatever content I like without feeling that I’d cornered myself into a niche that I wasn’t comfortable with.

However, the downside to the switch meant that I lost all my stats. I seem to have got most of my stats from Instagram and Bloglovin’. Round about the time that I re-branded there was a big to-do between Bloggers and Bloglovin’. I can’t remember what it was all about (sorry) but I think it was seen as the last straw for Bloggers using Bloglovin’ and people seemed to start using other social media sites (Twitter and Instagram) especially to start promoting themselves rather than allow a website to do it for them.

Having looked into the argument I could see why people were so against Bloglovin’ and what they were trying to do – I’m still not madly in love with the idea of posting directly onto Bloglovin’ rather than going through WordPress or Blogger. If I’m going to pay for my domain name then why would I want to start using a different website to publish my posts? It just makes no sense to me!

For me, I think this is what really turned bloggers off of Bloglovin’ and that hit my stats hard – my stats were, and still are, very small and I relied on what little sharing I could get. Once people stopped using Bloglovin’ my stats got even smaller.

Another thing that I dislike about Bloglovin’ is the fact that if you hit the wrong button (which I did regularly) it would take you to someone else’s blog post rather than the post you had just been reading and this annoyed me more than anything.

Now that I have rebranded and I’m starting to get my head round WordPress, I intend to really start to schedule my tweets and promote my blog and support others because blogging is hard and I think if you have the courage to put yourself out there and work hard, a lot of the time for free, then you really deserve support.

I think the scariest thing about rebranding is making new relationships with people and drawing people into a newly re-named blog can be hard because people recognise the old name of your blog and they know what to expect and then when you change it people can be confused and you need to have the confidence to just do it!

Now that I have re-branded and I’m starting to get my head around WordPress I need to set myself some goals and really try to tick them off before the end of the year.

  1. I want to really learn all about WordPress and how I can maximise it for my blog – at the moment I just seem to stumble around hoping for the best.
  2. Give bloglovin’ another go for the next 3 months and see what happens to my engagement.
  3. Speaking of engagement I really need to start scheduling my tweets and promoting my blog because I work so hard on it and I just don’t seem to be getting any recognition for it.

If you made it this far then thank you. What was planned to be a super brief post just detailing why I rebranded it has turned into a massive post about why I did it and how it has affected me.

Has anyone else rebranded? What made you do it and do you have any regrets?

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