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Holiday Countdown | 2 days to go

With only two days to go before I go on holiday I should be running round making sure that I have everything packed and that I’ve perfected my fake tan and painted my nails, instead I went to meet my friend’s new kittens and made myself a cheeky little pasta bake with cream of chicken soup and fried mushrooms.

Sidenote – have any of you guys seen Boot’s Botanics skincare range new packaging? It looks almost vintage and beautiful! I picked up the newly relaunched Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. Keep your eyes peeled for a review soon!

Tonight was just what I needed to really get myself in the ‘holiday mindset’ – something a little different to my normal routine to help prepare me for going away, especially with a new cleanser to enjoy and sweet little kitten cuddles!!

Meet Lillibet and Kat (hiding at the back)

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