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Countdown to Holiday | 6 Days To Go

Today is Saturday and I wanted to keep a ‘live’ journal of the last week before I go on holiday. Mainly because I want to keep a record of what I’ve been up to but mainly because I’ve been majorly slacking on posting on my blog over the last week. Today is an admin day because its the last weekend before I go on holiday so I have spent the majority of my day trying to get as much sorted as possible.

I started off the day with two face masks – the L’Oreal Detox mask for my t-zone due to oilyness and impurities and the L’Oreal Glow mask on my cheeks to try and exfoliate and brighten up that area. I love these masks because they really do seem to do something to my skin and leave it feeling super soft afterwards.

Then I jumped in the shower and shaved and exfoliated. I want to make sure that my skin is as smooth as possible before I go on holiday. I then tanned using the Skinny Tan Mousse. I love this tan because the guide colour is so natural and it doesn’t smell too much like tan. I decided to tan in the morning rather than at night because I find if I tan overnight then I end up staining my bed sheets.

I’ve decided to trim my fringe myself today and actually it went really really well. I’ve decided to try and grow my hair again (how long do you think it will be before I try and cut it all again?) Because of my decision to start growing my hair again I want to start wearing it down again and after a quick trim it looks so much better!

Midafternoon  I got the suitcase and the washbags out, so now its time to write my packing list and decide what beauty products I want to take with me. Once I have completely written my packing list then it will be up on the blog alongside a look at what makeup I am planning on taking with me.

I’ve managed to pack all my makeup and it actually fits inside the medium of the three clear bags I bought 🎉 I’m so proud of myself! I also tested out the makeup and love it all!! Pictures to follow…


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