Beauty Resolutions

New years resolutions are all well and good but they never last. By the second week of January you have found something else that you would rather spend your time on and all your well made plans have fallen to the wayside.

Instead of trying to set myself some more general goals, I have decided to set myself some beauty resolutions to live by in the hopes of making these things a habit and really working to clear up my skin.


If you’ve ever heard of Caroline Hirons then you would have heard of double cleansing. Double cleanse means using two different cleansers to remove all your makeup and SPF etc. at the end of the day to ensure that your skin is left as clean as possible. I intend to double cleanse every night from now on regardless of whether I am wearing makeup because I love how my skin feels after.


Treat yourself to a good pair of lash curlers and you won’t look back. I have been using Primark ones for a couple of years now and they just didn’t seem to be doing the job so when I picked up some lash curlers in H&M the other day the difference is incredible. I have quite long eyelashes and if I curl my lashes well enough I can go without mascara day to day.


I think the recommended advice is to start using eye cream by your early 20s and I totally stand by this. Some people think of eye creams as a farce but I feel that my eye area is too dry without one and makes my concealer settle into fine lines more than it normally does. Each to their own and all that…



Similar to investing in good eyelash curlers, I will always recommend investing in good makeup brushes. Some of my favourite brands are Real Techniques, ELF and Royal & Langnickel.


Last but not least, and definitely the most important, would be to always use SPF. I am notoriously bad at this and really need to learn to put SPF on daily. If I carry on the way I am then my skin will be in a terrible condition when I’m older and I want to stop that from happening. Have you got any facial SPFs that you would recommend?

What are your beauty resolutions?

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