Solait Express Dark Tan Mousse First Impressions

As a pale girl I feel that I look so much healthier with a tan, when I saw that Superdrug sold a tan that retails for under £5 and works within 3 hours, I couldn’t wait to buy it and give it a go. Introducing the Solait Express Dark Tan, a product that is vegan and cruetly free.


This tan retails for £3.29 and smells amazing! It has a tropical scent that slightly masks the normal smell of fake tan, however, for me, that is where my like of this product ends.

Before the application of the tan…

Above is an uneditted image of my legs after shaving and moisturising before applying my tan. Now I have very dry skin and eczema so I like to moisturise all over before I apply any tan. I normally use the Skinny Tan Mousse and I have almost perfected my routine with that product.

However, I found this product quite hard to apply – it didn’t want to apply and was very streaky. Also, the guide colour on this product is very orange compared with my other tan which scared me a little bit. But once I had managed to blend it all in it looked even and nice and smelt good.

All blended in, waiting for it to dry…

Another downside is this tan took FOREVER to dry! It took upwards of 20-30 minutes to dry and left me feeling really sticky and quite uncomfortable! However, once it had tried I put on some loose clothing and got on with the rest of my day.

According to Solait, the tan can be washed off after an hour for a light wash of colour, or left for 2-3 hours for a deeper colour. Now I like my tan quite dark so I decided to leave my tan to develop for 3 hours.

Again, I need to mention the incredible smell of this product. It meant that I could get on with my day whilst smelling somewhat nice instead of smelling of digestive biscuits which is what most tans smell like.

After 3 hours of development time I hopped in the shower to wash this product off, excited to see the outcome. So, time for the big reveal…


Nothing. No colour at all. To give it its due, there was a hint of colour on my chest and arms but absolutely nothing on my legs. I think at this point I need to laugh or I might cry (#firstworldproblems😉) but I do know that I won’t be using this on my legs again.

However, given the colour on my arms and chest, if I was going out for the day and wanted to wear a short sleeved tshirt or a vest top then I would definitely use this, but if I was looking for a tan then I think I would turn to my Skinny Tan rather than this.

Buy Solait Express Dark Tan Mousse here – link

Have you tried the Solait express tan? What did you think of it?


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