Hair Care Routine

I’m a bit basic when it comes to my hair. I want a routine that is super quick and super simple. My hair is very thick and has a mind of its own so if I can find products that allow me to tame it and get it to do what I want to do then I’m happy. I *think* I might have found that with this routine.

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I try and get at least three days wear out of my hair before washing it because it is such a hassle to wash and dry it. I prefer to wash my hair in the evenings because I get a chance to dry it all before I go to bed. I’ve found that my hair gets a lot greasier a lot quicker if I leave it to dry naturally which I have to do if I wash it in the mornings.


I use the Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour shampoo (& conditioner) because I dye my hair red and like to keep it looking and feeling as bright and healthy for as long as possible between dyes.

I love how soft and manageable this makes my hair feel after every wash and how amazing this makes my hair smell, even after a couple days of use. I feel like this shampoo really does my colour look more vibrant after every wash even though I dye my hair red, which is a notoriously difficult shade to maintain. I have even found this shampoo to work really well when my eczema on my face and scalp flares up. This doesn’t sting as much as other shampoos and still leaves my hair looking healthy when I am in the middle of an especially bad flare up.


I tend to only use the conditioner on the ends of my hair (and to shave my legs) because I find that if I take it into the roots of my hair then it gets far too greasy far too quickly. This smells exactly the same as the shampoo and I love the fact that they smell so alike – it makes the smell linger in my hair far longer than it would if I were to use the shampoo alone.

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is a life-saver for me with my thick hair, I dread having to brush it out without it. I love the coconutty smell of this and how easy it is to spray all over. I also use this if I am planning to tie my hair up when it is wet so that my split ends aren’t damaged even further.

As I said, this is a really basic hair care routine but it works for me. I choose not to use dry shampoo when my hair is starting to get greasy, instead I tie it in a really high ponytail because dry shampoo irritates my eczema and I haven’t mastered to art of dry shampoo yet – I either don’t use enough and it doesn’t have any effect or I use too much and can’t hide the grey tinge to my hair.

What is your hair care routine? Do you have any stand-out products that I need to try?

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