Daily Carry Fountain Pens

Hellooo! Today I wanted to share with you the fountain pens that I keep in my daily rotation when I am on the go, plus an honorary mention because I couldn’t skip past it.

Pilot Kakuno


I love the Pilot Kakuno because it doesn’t hard start or skip, the nib winks at you everytime you uncap the pen and it is so comfortable to write with whilst encouraging you to grip the pen properly.



Next I like to carry some colour with me. In order to do this I either carry with me a Platinum Preppy (F) inked with Platinum Purple or a Platinum Preppy (F) inked with Diamine Orange. Similar to the Kakuno above, I have never found either of these pens to hard start or skip. I like Diamine Orange so much that I am already on my second fill of it.

Lamy Safari


My last daily carry is my Lamy Safari. This pen is currently inked with Diamine Jet Black. I am having some issues with this ink and for this reason I am trying to make an effort to use and to stop it from clogging up my feed too much. So far *touch wood* things seem to be okay.

Honorary Mention


My honorary mention goes to the Platinum Preppy inked with Platinum Blue Black ink that I keep on my desk at work because I find it more comfortable to use when taking notes as I find ballpoints and other types of pens seems to give me hand/wrist cramp really quickly.

What pens do you carry with you daily?


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