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How are we all?

Today I wanted to share with you some of my current wardrobe staples because I *think* I might finally be happy with what is in my wardrobe!

Instead of relying on high waisted jeans to hide my wobbly bits, I’ve recently been really into mid-rise jeans, and, honestly, they are life changing! They hide everything I want them and flatter my figure much more than high-waisted jeans and they are SO comfortable!


Never underestimate the value of a basic t-shirt. Before now, I’ve grabbed whatever I could find that was long enough to cover the fly (and buttons) of my high-waisted jeans because I hated my stomach so much. Now that I found jeans that flatter my figure, I want some tops that are going to do the same. Enter the v-neck t-shirt. I’ve picked up quite a few lately from places like Primark, H&M and Forever 21. I’m not fussed where they are from, as long as they are comfortable, flattering and a pretty colour.


following on from t-shirts, I’ve been majorly into shirts. I have two ‘work’ shirts that are very structured but still do what I want and I have three shirts that are less structured and work well with jeans and leggings. Whenever I seen outfits come up on Pinterest of women sporting a pair of skinny jeans and a white shirt I’ve always thought how uncomfortable they must feel but now, I get it! Its comfortable, its flattering and it looks like I’ve put a lot more effort in than I have.


lets talk shoes. I love a good pair of shoes, but my criteria is they must be comfortable enough to wear them out and about all day. I have four pairs of shoes that fall into that category, two pairs of ballet flats, a pair of converses and a pair of slip ons.

My two pairs of ballet flats that I love (and my slip ons) are from Primark and are at least last seasons if not before. The pink sparkly pair are my current favourites and are at least a year old. When I bought these, I also picked up a black faux suede pair that I wore to work because they were so comfortable and easy to break in. These however, were hard to wear and seemed to rub every time I wore them. and then, just like *that* they stopped being sore and now I can’t get enough of them.


The snake print pair are another pair that I wear to work. They are comfortable and seem to flatter just about every item that I wear them with. I even pack them in my overnight bags ‘just in case’ because they fold up so small.


Converses, Chucks, or whatever you want to call them, are a well-known wardrobe staple. In order to dress down some of my jean and shirt combos I’ll throw on a pair of white converses. Although they don’t have any support I can, and have, happily walked miles in these shoes (all round Disney in fact!).


My slips on are new, I only picked them up a couple of weeks ago but, again, seem to go with everything from jeans to leggings to dresses and skirts. I can’t believe I have never had a pair of these in my life before!

Next on my list for my wardrobe will be a striped shirt, similar to the one I saw in H&M, and the darling little polka dot shirt that I found in Primark for only £7.00 which I am still regretting picking up!!!

What have you got on your wardrobe wishlist? And what are your wardrobe staples?

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