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Forever21 Classic Skinny Jeans Review

Having recently reevaluated my wardrobe I decided what I was lacking was jeans. After a quick google search I decided I wanted some jeans in another colour that wasn’t blue denim or black. Then I stumbled across Forever21’s jeans and saw that they had some ‘classic’ jeans for only £8.00. I thought ‘whats the worst that can happened’ and added them to my bag. They turned up a little under a week later and I couldn’t wait to try them on.

The Fit


These jeans are described as skinny ankle jeans. Now I dispute this. The jeans fit well around my waist/hips, however, on me they are NOT skinny ankle jeans. Even after trying them on for only few minutes I noticed that they were not skinny on my ankles, I’ve also noticed that they do end up quite baggy around my ankle and dare I say it, between my legs. It would appear that they are designed to be midrise jeans but don’t have enough material around the stomach to make this happen, but too much material between the legs. All in all, the effect can appear rather odd.

The Small Details

jeans details border

I did some research before I ordered my jeans and found that the general consensus was that the jeans are cheaply made and made in bulk. For this reason, I wasn’t expecting much and they didn’t disappoint. However, I really don’t mind about the visible threads because if someone is close enough to spot those and chooses to mention it then first and foremost why are you so flippin’ close?! The only thing that really bothers me is how loose the botton is! I mean look at it! I’m worried that I’ll wear them out for the day and the button with fly up and then I won’t be able to close my jeans!

Would I Buy More?

Actually, I think my answer to this would be yes! For £8.00 I would possibly be tempted to pick up a few other pairs in different colours if there was a certain colour that I wanted to try and didn’t want to spend a fortune somewhere else on a pair of jeans I wasn’t sure about.

Have you tried Forever21 Jeans? What did you think of them?

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