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Favourite Bujo Spreads #2

Come the start of May, I will be moving into my third bullet journal. I have been bullet journalling since February 2016 and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Today I wanted to share with you my favourite spreads from my current bullet journal.

My Calendex


I first got the idea or a calendex from Kara at Boho Berry. I thought about whether to introduce the spread to my bullet journal for a while because I wasn’t sure it was worth it. Now that I’ve had it in my bullet journal for a while, I honestly don’t think I could get rid of it. Keep your eyes peeled for my calendex in my next bullet journal.

Desk Layout


I really like this spread because I drew out my desk so that I could really see what I kept in each cubby of my desk and whether or not I need to get some more storage.

Daily Pages


These two daily pages are the first of a new trend of mine – to add colour to my bullet journal. Not only that, but the Monday was the first day that I tried a time log in my daily pages and since then I haven’t looked back.

Monthly Overview


I really like this monthly spread and if I had to make any changes I would change one of the columns to blog posts rather than important days. This is a spread I definitely plan to reproduce in the future.

Time Log


My march time log was my first time log that I added to my bullet journal. Although I never finished filling it in, I loved the colours that I added to it and have decided to replicate it for the month of April, with coloured pencils instead of brush markers.

Weekly Spread


The simple design of this weekly log really speaks to me. It gives me room to write down any appointments or events happening on those days, but it also allows me room to write out any blog posts that I have planned for that week without being too ‘in your face’.

Inventory (or invetory)


I really liked the lettering on this spread but I clearly got carried away and forgot how to spell. #awkward. This also doubled up as planning for a post that you will see next week.

Habit Tracker


I have tried countless times to make a tracker work for me but the landscape format used by the likes of Kara, and others, just doesn’t seem to work for me. I have too many tasks that I want to track to give up that many rows. So I thought about it, mocked t up in a different notebook and this is what I came up with.

Monthly Overview


This is this month’s overview and I really like how I managed to split it down the middle so that I can see what appointments and events I have planned for that month as well as what blog posts I have coming up.

Time Log


This is this month’s time log that I spoke about earlier. I decided to fill this month’s time log using coloured pencils rather than pens because I find it a lot easier on the eye.

Weekly Review


This year I have decided to make myself more accountable for my goals and in order to make sure that I did enough evaluation I designed this weekly review chart using the design of my habit tracker and some review questions from Lisa’s blog.

Workout Tracker


I have done a whole other post on this spread which you can see here. I love this spread because it keeps me accountable and really lets me see what workouts I have, or haven’t, been doing.

Unfinished Business


This is very similar to a brain dump spread but the word brain dump just seems to put me right off; to overcome this I introduced my unfinished business spread. This is another spread that will definitely be migrated to my next bullet journal.

Daily Spread


The last sread (or collection) I will leave you with is my current daily page layout. i am currently really into using a whole page per day because it allows me to draw out a full log and really keep myself accountable along with tracking any events, my three main goals for the day and any other tasks that I need to get done.

I apologise for such a long post but I really like my bullet journal and there are definitely other spreads I would show you if I could.

What are your favourite spreads in your bullet journal?

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