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One of my favourite posts to read as a Blogger is about people’s editorial calendars. There are so many choices available to people out there that I like to try and pick up some hints and tips from them to incorporate into my editorial calendar.

I’ve found using a combination of Google Calendar and my bullet journal work best for me. Alongside using my Calendex to plan any upcoming events, I also input them into my Google Calendar, and, to make things easier I colour code them. Light blue is any twitter chats scheduled, Dark blue is blog posts, salmon is any workouts planned, orange is any personal events planned, muted green is any awareness weeks (i.e. stationery week or mental health awareness week) and finally, purple is any birthdays or anniversaries.

Once a post has been added to my Google Calendar, I then add it to my Blog Schedule collection in my Bullet Journal where I can keep track of whether the text has been writen for the post, the pictures have been edited, whether the post is scheduled and whether it has been promoted on Twitter.


I find using a mix of digital and analogue really helpful because I can move posts around on my Google Calendar and then pencil the date for the post into the spread in my Bullet Journal; this way, I can ensure everything is ready for the post to be published and then I can just write in pen the date that the post has been published so that I can keep track of what posts have been published, and how many posts I have managed to publish in a certain time limit.

Using an editorial calendar has really helped me to plan ahead because I can find the next available day and add a post to that day, even if I don’t end up publishing the post on that day, it’s just easier adding the post to the editorial calendar than it would be to jot it down on a piece of paper that I might lose or onto an ‘ideas’ spread in my bullet journal because I’m likely to just skim over it if it is written in the spread and not on my calendar.

Are you a blogger? What type of an editorial calendar do you use?

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