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Happy Monday!

This post may not relevant for a lot of people, but I’ve found the twitter blogging community one of the friendliest on the internet. There are endless twitter chats out there for bloggers but I wanted to share with you some of my current favourites. If you’re on twitter follow me @elliewilsonblog to stay up to date on what I get up to and recent posts published.


Beechat (#beechat), 5pm BST

The Girl Gang (#thegirlgang), 6pm BST

Bloggers Do It Better (#BDIB), 7pm BST

The Bloggers Chat (#tbhchat), 7pm BST


Pretty Little Bloggers (#prettylittlechat), 7pm BST

Girl Power Chat (#GRLPOWR), 9pm BST


Lifestyle Bloggers (#lbloggers), 7pm BST

Beauty Bloggers (#bbloggers), 8pm BST

Bloggers Sparkle (#bloggerssparkle), 8pm BST


The Bloggers Chat (#tbhchat), 7pm BST

Girl Power Chat (#GRLPOWR), 8pm BST

Beechat (#beechat), 9pm BST


Bloggers Do It Better (#BDIB), 8pm BST

John’s Road To Volunteering (JRTVChat), 9m BST


Social Bloggers (#socialbloggers), 6pm BST

Bloggers Sparkle (#bloggerssparkle), 6pm BST

Pretty Little Bloggers (#prettylittlechat), 6pm BST

Bloggers Tribe (#bloggerstribe), 7pm BST


Blogs Unite (#blogsunite), 6pm BST

Lifestyle Bloggers (#lbloggers), 7pm UK Time

The Bloggers Chat (#tbhchat), 7pm UK Time

Beauty Bloggers (#bbloggers), 8pm UK Time

Girl Power Chat (#GRLPOWR), 9pm UK Time

I am aware, for most people, this couldn’t have been a more boring post and I’m sorry but if you check back tomorrow then there may be something up that is a little bit more to your taste.

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