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Zebra Sarasa Fineliners Review

I would really like some fineliners that I can rely to provide an intense pigment and always write when I need them to. Another thing that I would really like would be for those pens to be comfortable to write with due to the awkward way I hold my pens.



Aesthetically I like the design of these pens. The clips and the decoration on the barrel of the pen indicate what colour the ink will be. I find the pen comfortable to grip – for a short while at least. My one hangup would be the fact that the pen grip is smooth and therefore my hands start to slide and can become quite uncomfortable.

Ink Pigmentation:


I have to say that I am disappointed about the pigmentation of these inks. I expected them to be bold and bright, especially because they are archival quality, however, they are dull and made my numbers quite hard to read when I used them to colour in my time tracker.


Despite my dislike of the pigmentation, the pens wrote well and did not skip. The pens do, despite their lack of pigmentation/boldness, ghost badly and bleed through the page making every letter/number/shaded box extremely visible on the other page. This isn’t something that bothers me particularly but can put some people off pens instantly.



I picked these up for around £6.00 from Sainsbury’s. Would I repurchase? No probably not but then I have so many other similar pens that I would be more inclined to use those regularly instead. Would I recommend them? I think you can get much better pens than these in that price bracket such as staedtler and stabilo so I would recommend using those instead.

Overall, I think these are a bit ‘meh’ however they are not going to put off the Zebra line in general because I have other pens from the brand that I swear by.

Have you tried these? Would you be tempted?

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