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Today I want to share with you my favourite purchase of the month; these pen holders from Muji.


I have three of these holders, stacked back to back. Each partition holds on average 16 fountain pens. The dividing partitions of each holder can be removed to make room for storing more and/or bigger pens in the holder.

In the front holder I keep my brush pens, coloured pencils and fountain pens – pens (and pencils) that I use on a daily basis.

In the middle holder I store my zebra mildliners, sharpies, coloured pens and chalk markers – pens that are used on an at least weekly basis. The sharpies are especially useful for my wall chart.

In the back holder I keep my fineliners, midliners and papermate flairs. This is a holder that I put at the back because I wasn’t using it much and now I am starting to use my midliners and my papermate flairs even more that I am glad they are at the back – they are aeay to reach and move whilst the middle holder can be kept in place to make sure that everything lines up.

What methods do you use to store your pens?


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