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Bullet Journal: My Favourite Spreads #1

today we are throwing it back to my first bullet journal. I started this bullet journal in February 2016 and basically just dived right in. Today I want to share with you some of my favourite spreads from this bullet journal.


Daily Pages

I had just purchased some brush pens when I created these daily pages. I still haven’t really mastered brush lettering but I love the blue colour scheme contrasted by the black fountain pen ink.


Yearly Calendar

Although I never referred back to this spread, I still loved having it at the front of my bullet journal. I will be moving into my third bullet journal in the next two months and will be gutted that there won’t be a whole lot of need for it, however I might introduce one anyway!


Rapid logging weekly plan

I resorted to using a weekly plan for a couple of weeks back in March & April last year because I just didn’t have time to draw out a daily every day when I was juggling blogging and college. I still use spreads like this occasionally when I am too busy for anything else.


Weekly Log

This is a very slight progression on from the weekly plan above. I have space under the days to write in any events and appointments or important tasks that I need to accomplish on that day. The space on the right hand side can then be used as a rapid log rather than writing dailies or can be used for dailies!


Bullet Journal 2.0

This spread was one of my favourites. I used it to jot down what spreads I would like to include in my next bullet journal. I have already created a spread similar to this ready for my next bullet journal. Keep your eyes peeled for a post on that soon.

Check back next week to find out what my favourite spreads are in my current bullet journal.


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