Bullet Journal: My Favourite Spreads #1

today we are throwing it back to my first bullet journal. I started this bullet journal in February 2016 and basically just dived right in. Today I want to share with you some of my favourite spreads from this bullet journal. Daily Pages I had just purchased some brush pens when I created these daily […]

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Bullet Journal: Workout Tracker

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you my newest spread – my workout tracker. I intend to run (jog) a 5km this summer and before I start training properly for it I wanted to make a record of all the workouts I have done in the mean time. The boxes of week 12 & […]

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Bullet Journal: The Habit Tracker

The habit tracker was, as far as I can tell, the brain child of Kara from Boho Berry. I have tried on and off for months to duplicate the way she formats her trackers but I just couldn’t get them to work for me, especially with all the colours that can so easily distract. Instead, […]

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Book Review: Below Stairs

History, especially social history is one of my favourite topics to read about, listen about and learn about. I found this book in a local charity shop and bought it as soon as I saw it. Based in the 1920s in Hove and London, Below Stairs follows the life of Margaret Powell as she enters […]

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Pen Storage

Hello! Today I want to share with you my favourite purchase of the month; these pen holders from Muji. I have three of these holders, stacked back to back. Each partition holds on average 16 fountain pens. The dividing partitions of each holder can be removed to make room for storing more and/or bigger pens […]

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Parker Quink Blue Black Ink Review

Today I decided to finally get round to reviewing the Parker Quink Ink Cartridges in Blue Black that I have been using almost since I was given my first fountain pen. For a run of the mill blue black ink this ink is good however I feel that there is a better blue black ink […]

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Zebra Sarasa Fineliners Review

I would really like some fineliners that I can rely to provide an intense pigment and always write when I need them to. Another thing that I would really like would be for those pens to be comfortable to write with due to the awkward way I hold my pens. Design: Aesthetically I like the […]

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Current Skincare

I *think* I have finally elements of my skincare routine that work perfectly for me. Other elements I am not so sure about. L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil I still haven’t really made my mind up about this oil. It removes my makeup really well but it stings my eyes so badly and I don’t really like […]

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