Zebra Mildliner Review

Okay so I failed at posting every day but trying to think up blog post ideas and then find time to write about them and take the accompanying pictures is hard. But, I’m back and today I wanted to share with you a review of the Zebra Mildliners.

What are they?

The set I will be reviewing for you today is the 5 colour pastel set (grey, light blue, lilac, pink and light green). Zebra is a Japanese pen brand that adopted their trademark in 1914. Zebra Mildliners are a #Studyblr cult favourite which is where I came to know about them. As far as I am aware, there are 15 different Zebra Mildliner colours.

Zebra Mildliners are a different type of highlighter, if you can call them that! They are double-sided highlighters with your standard chisel tip and a fine tip (similar to a Stabilo Pen 68!)

PicMonkey Collage
Fine Tip V Chisel Tip


A lot of the reviews I have seen of the Mildliners complain that they aren’t thar great as highlighters because of their colours. Now, this may have been an oversight of the reviewer because I was aware, even before I considered purchasing them, that these were not your ordinary highlighters. Below you can see swatches of the pens in my Bullet Journal (Leuchtturm 1917). These ‘highlighters’ are pastel toned so I knew that they were never going to be neon bright – I’m okay with that. For me, these are more like markers than highlighters because because they draw attention to the word that I would like to highlight without being too bright and in your face.

I have found that these pens do not bleed through the paper onto the other side, however, they do ghost a little bit and also make whatever you have highlighted easy to see on the other side too. These highlighters are quite inky meaning that they absorb into the paper well and dry quickly meaning that I can carry on with whatever I was writing without smearing at all.

Unedited Ink Sample

The one thing I love about the pens above all else is the design of them. The minimalism of the pens in thier little case or in a pen pot is beautiful. I know a lot of people use the chisel tip more than they do the fine tip so they store them chisel tip down meaning that they cannot see what colour the pens are. To overcome this, I feel like Zebra should also add a colour indicator the cap on the fine tip side. I, personally, don’t have this problem because I use the fine tip more than the chisel tip so I store them fine tip down but bare that in mind before you purchase these pens.

Are they worth the price?

In a word, no. Even a single highlighter is £2.61 when a 5 pack set is nearly £6. My two favourite colours in the pack are the grey and the light blue. I find the other colours in the pack can be too pigmented and dull. If you are looking for the fine tipped pens to use as highlighters then I would recommend the Stabilo 68 pens (10 pens for £5.00).

Have you tried the Zebra Mildliners? What did you think of them?




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