What’s On My Phone

A bit of a random post today but I thought that I would share what apps I have on my phone. The nosey side of me just loves these posts.

My kindle app has to be my most used app on my phone. I always have to have something to read with me wherever I go and my kindle app lets me do that. At the moment I am trying to read my way through all the paperback books that I keep buying.


I also use my calendar app a lot especially for events that I have yet to add to my calendex in my bullet journal. The calendar app is also useful for identifying bank holidays and public holidays.

Google drive is another one of those apps that I just cannot live without. I primarily use Google Drive for blogging; my editiorial calendar and all my blogging pictures are kept in my Google Drive so that I can access them on whatever device I am using.

I am terrible at using Instagram, I really need to post more rather than just mindlessly scrolling through the app. I am now setting myself a goal of posting about every blog post that I publish.


Play Music is another app that I use daily because I can connect my account to all of my devices. totally worth the money if you ask me.

The smart wristwatch app matches with my smart wristwatch and allows me to check whether I have reached my 10,000 steps a day or not.

Twitter. My favourite social media app. I really need to get involved in the #lbloggers and #bbloggers chats.

I love a good youtube video, especially when I am getting ready in the morning. What Youtubers do you watch & recommend?

What apps do you have on your phone?

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