Review: Staedtler Stick Pens

Today I thought I would share with you a review of the Staedtler Stick Pens. I’ve had these pens in my collection for a couple of months at least so I have finally decided to review these for you.

I don’t see a whole lot of talk about these in the stationery community and I can understand that – they are cheap biros that pale into insignificance when compared with a lovely fountain pen.

For their price point these are pretty solid pens, however, there are some issues with these pens. At least 5 of these pens, half of the whole set, skip when you start to write with them, and, on further investigation have skipped at some points in the middle of sentences. Although, the skipping in the middle of sentences doesn’t seem to happen all that often, it is annoying and highlights the pigmentation issues of the pens.

Following on from that, there are some pigmentation issues with these pens. The colours are quite weak for the majority of the pens (excluding the black, blue, turqoise and purple) and as such means that I am more likely to use a different pen for any other colours.


Image has not been edited at all, but was taken with flash.

As far as I have found, the pens do not smudge which means that they could be quite good for people who are left handed (I am right handed so cannot test this), this does, however, make me think that the ink might be quite dry inside the pens because they don’t smudge but they do skip. I don’t know a whole lot about ink so that is just a guess.

In terms of comfort, I struggle a little bit with these pens but I know for a fact that I have an odd grip when it comes to writing so I am inclined to think that these would be fine for people who have a ‘normal’ pen grip. I think a pen grip would help these pens to be more comfortable but I know that could add quite a bit to the price point of these pens.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget set of coloured biros then I would recommend these pens, as long as you are aware that they aren’t perfect and you will have to put some effort in to make them work properly. Find the Staedtler Stick Pens here.

Have you tried the Staedtler stick pens? What do you think of them?

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