Paper Mate Flair M Pen Review


Today I thought we would talk about one of my favourite pen sets – the Paper Mate Flair M. The Paper Mate Flair M is so well known that even your non-stationery-loving friends will know about this pen. In my eyes it is a hybrid between a normal handwriting pen and a marker pen.

Please ignore the spelling error – I have only just noticed!!!

Above, you can see ink samples for all the colours that I have in my collection. I have been using Paper Mate Flairs since I was probably in year 8 because I can trust them to always write and to always flow well.

Although there is no bleed-through with these pens, there is a small amount of ghosting, especially in my Bullet Journal. Alongside this, I have noticed that when I use these pens for headers they can bleed slightly only the page which is barely noticeable but when you do notice it, it can be quite annoying.

As you can see in the ink sample above, the pens blunt quite quickly – I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I have used the yellow pen and the khaki pen (probably the same amount of times if I’m honest) but look at the nib width difference between the two! If that’s not enough – look at the comparison of those two colours and the black! Depending on your pickiness you could continue to use these pens until they have run out or you could replace the set or individual pens as and when you feel that they need it.

That brings me to my next complaint – The differing pigmentation levels between all the colours. Again, this is a minute detail but once noticed it is something that you can never unsee! (all the drama!!!) On the other hand there is absolutely no skipping with these pens – they write properly 100% of the time and have never failed me yet.

For that reason, I would highly recommend these pens and urge you to ignore my pickiness!!!

Pick up your pack of Paper Mate Flair M’s for just £9.99 here!

Have you tried the Paper Mate Flair M’s? What do you think of them?

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