My Ink Journal

What is an ink journal you may be asking? Generically people use them to hold samples of their liquid inks for thier fountain pens. While I use my much the same way, I also use it to hold notes and samples of other inks that I use such as biro and fine liners.

I will fully admit that keeping an Ink Journal is OTT but I have been really enjoying decorating my bullet journal with fun fonts and pretty colours lately and my Ink Journal has really helped me to do that.

Not only do I keep ink samples in my Ink Journal, I keep notes on the ink colour, how pigmented the ink is and how the pen writes. This way, when I am looking for a colour that I have lots of (which is most colours) then I can flick through my notes and find the best writing ink to use.

The notebook that I use for my Ink Journal is a simple A5 Kraft Notebook from Sainsbury’s and the pen used to ‘decorate’ the front colour is a black Papermate Flair M Finetip Pen.

Have you tried an Ink Journal? What did you think?

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