Massive Fountain Pen Haul

Helloooo! Today I wanted to share with you a rather large fountain pen haul from various online retailers such as Cult Pens and Pen Heaven.

At present, I have 8 fountain pens in my collection all bar one inked up with blue-black inks (The other is black). The amount of joy that I get out of using these pens is far beyond the joy I get out of rollerballs or biros etc., and this got me thinking – what if I tried fountain pens with coloured inks?

As soon as I had this thought I clicked onto Cultpens.com and placed a massive order for Pilot VPen V4s and Platinum Preppys in Fine. I picked up a rather large variety of colours; blue, light blue, light green, yellow, black, pink, red and violet.

The Pilot VPens V4s are disposable fountain pens and for this reason I am more likely to throw these in my handbag. They are durable and easy on the eye. They are a medium nib –  one of the thickest nibs in my collection but it isn’t actually that much thicker than my fine nibs.


The Platinum Preppys are equally amazing pens that you can use with cartridges or hack them to use with bottled inks and I love the fact that the pen details match the ink colour which you can see through the transparent body.


I have been hearing people talk about the Lamy Safari for a long time and always told myself I didn’t need it. I had too many fountain pens and I just didn’t need another pen. Then I saw the Charcoal Safari and all my good intentions flew out the window and it ended up in my basket.


The final pen I purchased was the Lamy Al Star Limited Edition in Pacific. Look how beautiful it is! This is currently my favourite pen. However, I have heard that people either have a love or hate relationship with the Lamy pen grip on both the Safari and the Al Star so I would bere this in mind  before purchasing either pen.


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