Lamy Al Star Pacific Limited Edition

ISN’T IT PRETTY?! I picked mine up from Pen Heaven but there are loads of UK and International stockists selling the pen. As far as I can tell stock levels are still good as the pen was only released on 01.02.2017.

To accompany the pen, Lamy have also released a bottle of limited edition ink and a set of limited edition cartridges also called Pacific. However, there has been some discontent in the fountain pen community as this ink is just Lamy Turquoise rebottled/recartridged. The only difference is that the Lamy Pacific Ink T52 bottle gets Special Edition packaging.

Ink Sample written with a Fine Nib in the Lamy Al Star

Keep your eyes peeled for a review soon but for now I will leave you to decide whether or not you need or want this pen.

Will you be getting a Lamy Al Star Pacific Limited Edition? Or maybe one of the other Lamy Al Star Colours?

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