First Impressions: Staedtler Tripus Roller Pens

Today I thought I would share a first impression of the Staedtler Triplus Roller pens. I picked these pens up last Thursday in order to buy a different set of pens at a reduced price.

This post isn’t going to be a review of these pens, this is merely my intial thoughts of these pens.



I really like the case that these pens come in – it can be used to keep them closed when you are on the go and can also be used as a stand when you are writing. I thought that was pretty cool if I’m honest. Aesthetically, I really like the design of the pens, however, I find them quite uncomfortable to write with but I think thats just me as I grip my pens in funny ways.



As far as I can see, the ink is somewhere between gel and fineliner ink. It seems to bring out all of my favourite properties of these types of ink. It is (when its working properly) bold and write and flows well. However, I have one major hang up –  I have really fallen for the black ink and the green too. The red and the blue on the other hand, suck! There is clearly an ink flow issue with the red and the blue pens – the blue pen even squeaks as you write!!!


These pens were priced at £5.39 from W.H.Smith. Would I have paid this price if I had known that I would have issues with two of the pens? Honestly, I’m not sure! At the moment I am really into my fountain pens so I am starting to look at other pens with fountain pen prices in mind! All I can say is, if you’ve been thinking about these pens or this post has caught your attention then I would definitely say buy the pens and try them out for yourself.

Have you tried these pens? What did you think of them?

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