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February Review

Its that time again! How are we almost in March? Where has the time gone? Lets look over February and see the goals I have set for March:

What Went Well?

  1. Sitting down with my bullet journal at least once a day. This worked really well because it meant that I sat down and got everything on paper and I managed to tick off more tasks in a day than I used to because I was looking at what I needed to do repeatedly.
  2. Writing or editing a blog post every day. I cannot believe that I hadn’t thought of this before but it makes things so much easier!
  3. Fountain pens! This month I really invested in fountain pens and not only has my handwriting improved but it all just looks so much better!

What Do I Need To Work On?

  1. My cursive handwriting. Although it has definitely improved this month there is still a lot of room for improvement left.
  2. Tidying up daily. I need to work on this massively because every weekend I end up clearing up the messes I have made during the week and it just wastes so much time!
  3. Daily headers. I’m trying my best with my daily headers but I find thinking up new ones so difficult! Inspiration is definitely needed.
  4. Weekly spreads. I just cannot find weekly spreads that I like! I need more inspiration!!

What Was Time Well Spent?

  1. Blogging. As I said, I have been trying my best to write or edit a blog post every day throughout February and it worked out so well!
  2. Blog Scheduling. I have finally decided on a schedule for my blog – five posts a week (monday to friday)
  3. Bullet Journaling. I have now been bullet journaling for over a year and honestly it is working out so well.
  4. Planning. I love sitting down to plan each day and letting my creative side out.

What Would I Change?

  1. Planning. I need to plan more and to really just write down every thought that comes into my head rather than trying to make everything look pretty.
  2. Thinking before I jump into things. Similar to the point above, at times I put more effort into making a page look pretty than reflecting.

What Was Money Well Spent?

  1. Fountain Pens. This is a definite. I had forgotten how much I loved fountain pens.
  2. Notebooks. I have far too many notebooks but I always love to have some spare.

What Was Money Wasted?

  1. Fountain Pens. I got a little carried away this month and purchased far too many fountain pens this month.
  2. Notebooks. Again, I purchased far too many notebooks this month.
  3. Sweets and chocolate. I keep saying I will cut down on how many I will purchase but I don’t seem to have managed that yet.
  4. Fizzy Drinks. Similar to the point above.

How Can I Improve in March?

  1. Make a brain dump spread. I think a brain dump spread will really help me when it comes to achieving my maximum potential and cross off as many tasks as possible.
  2. Make time to bullet journal at least once a day. I managed this nearly every day in February and I intend to try and beat that record in March.
  3. Plan. Making a plan is one of my favourite things and I intend to do that more this month.
  4. Budget. Budgeting is not something I am very good at but I plan to try and stick to a budget.

Goals for March

  1. Budget – I need to be more responsible with money and I intend to try my best this month.
  2. Think before I spend. This is linked to the point above, I need to think about what I am purchasing and whether I really need it.
  3. Think before I jump into things. Similarly, I need to reflect and stop being so impulsive. 
  4. Try journaling for a month. this is something I would really like to try out and see how I get on.
  5. No Biros! A lighthearted goal here but I would really like to try my best and use a fountain pen as much as I can.

What are your goals for March?

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