Diary Goals

The Benefits of Online Courses?

Today I signed up to an online course. I won’t disclose what it is because I want to keep it personal for now. Its something I have wanted to do for a while but have been talked down every time I mentioned it.So there I was, scrolling through Group-on as you do and the category ‘e-courses’ caught my eye. “How do online courses work and how effective are they?” I asked myself, so, I found an e-course I was interested in for a fantastic price and signed up.

Here is where the fun starts. Will it be too hard? Will it be too easy? Will I manage to complete everything in the three month period specified? I guess I’ll just have to get stuck in and find out. Here’s to, hopefully, a very busy and very successful three months.

have any of you tried an online course? How successful was it?

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