Diary Organisation

Organisation for 2017

Having had nearly a month to get myself organised for 2017 and work out what works best for me, today I want to share with you what I have decided on. One of my favourite things about the new year, apart from setting new years resolutions, is treating myself to some new stationery to help motivate myself in the new year.

2017 Diary – Sainsbury’s

The glitter on this diary is originally what drew my eye because I am clearly a magpie! Having had a flick through, I instantly fell in love with the weekly set out – 7 days (4 down one side and 3 down the other with a space for notes) and a monthly overview across the bottom of the page. I use this as a combination of a ‘normal’ diary and a bullet journal.

Leuchtturm 1917 – Amazon

This is my second bullet journal and I have to admit that I am not *quite* in love with bullet journaling as I once was, however, I am working to change that – keep your eyes peeled.

A4 Glitter Notebook – Sainsbury’s

Glitter again – clearly I just cannot get enough! I use this notebook as my ‘catch all’. Anything that I want to take note of or plan will be recorded in this notebook. The paper quality of the Sainsbury’s notebooks is one of my favourites; I always have at least two spare Sainsbury’s notebooks on hand, just in case!

A4 Floral Notebook – Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s notebooks again – I just love them so much. This notebook I use for blogging. Editorial calendars, blog post ideas and general planning – this notebook holds it all. I honestly cannot recommend Sainsbury’s stationery enough.

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