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today i thought i would share with you the bloggers and youtubers that I have been watching and/or reading lately. My tastes change pretty often, either the blogger/youtuber that i have been watching for a while is posting content that I’m just not interested in, or, I am searching for something specific, like a review, and happen to really enjoy that persons content and writing style.

Mikhila.com – Mikhila has multiple YouTube channels (MissBudgetBeauty and DiaryOfASpendaholic to name a few). I’ve been subscribed to Mikhila for years but have only recently started reading her blog and I just cannot get enough. What drew me were her moving vlogs – I just find the whole moving process really interesting!

Louise Pentland – Now Louise is no longer Sprinkle of Glitter and has matured her content I really enjoy her videos. It is a pleasure to watch how she has changed now that she has changed her content and is enjoying what she is posting.

Its Em’s Channel – I found Emma through Mikila, they also share a Youtube channel together where they post regular podcasts and I really enjoy her weekend vlogs, and her bi-monthly daily vlogging.

This Mama Life – I cannot get enough of Sarah’s videos, especially now she has little Lachlan and her husband has returned from his deployment.

Sharon Farrell – Sharon is an Irish makeup artist living in Sydney and is honestly the only beauty youtuber that I watch regularly. I am so excited for the changes she has announced to be introduced on her channel. She also has a vlogging channel, Life With Sharon, which I am also in love with.

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