17 before 2017

The time has now come where I start to set some goals with the aim of finishing the year on a strong footing. The idea for this post came from the incredible Boho Berry and her 17 before 2017 post. Here’s what I’m planning to accomplish before 2017 begins:

1. Work out at least twice a week.

We have a treadmill at home so my plan is to either find a motivating playlist and listen to that as I run or to put Netflix on and just go for it. Fingers crossed I can accomplish this.

2. Clear out + tidy my chest of drawers.

This goal ties in with another goal on my list, number 16, because I really need to go through all my clothes and find what isn’t working for me and find things that do work for me. Part of this will be to learn to keep things tidy (a recurring theme of this list!)

3. Blog redesign and new schedule.

I’m part way done with this, I just need to play with the design a little bit to tweak a few things so that they work better for me. Can anyone recommend a free guide for Blogger for someone who has no idea what they are doing? thanks! I also am still trying to find a posting schedule that works for me.

4. Minimalism

I tried this a while ago and it worked perfectly and then all of sudden my brain decided that I wanted ALL of the things and now I own a lot more than I did before and it is infuriating! More on this to come.

5. Set a monthly budget and stick to it.

This is something that is really important to me but I just can’t seem to manage it no matter how hard I tried. There are multiple steps to this that I need to follow and now that it is all written in this post, hopefully I will hold myself responsible and achieve this. Watch this space!

6. Set a weekly cleaning schedule

I have a list of cleaning tasks that I like to stick to each week, however, up until now I’ve just done them as and when I feel like it so now I’d like to put a schedule in place and make sure I stick to it!

7. Makeup and beauty clear out.

As I have previously mentioned, I want to try and lead a more minimal lifestyle in 2017 and I feel that by cutting down on the amount of products I own that I don’t use this will help me greatly to really understand what it is that I need so that I can try and save some money at the same time.

8. Establish 5 goals for 2017 and come up with action plans for them.

This way I can hold myself responsible and check that they are achieved before 2017 is over. Depending on what the goals are I would like them all ticked off by the third quarter of 2017.

9. Buy a car.

I am currently learning to drive and when I wrote this post I was looking for my first car. I can already tick this one off the list (cheating I know) but I have my first car and it is a little Nissan Micra that I have named Milly!

10. Introduce weekly reviews into my Bullet Journal.

I’m terrible at actually reviewing my bullet journal and what isn’t working because I just turn the page and carry on without looking back. I’m hoping that by introducing a weekly review I can look at what isn’t working and make changes before I move into my new Bullet Journal in a couple of months time!

11. Complete ‘Your Best Year 2017’.

Your Best Year 2107 is a goal setting work book by incredible blogger Lisa Jacobs of Market Your Creativity. I heard about this through Boho Berry and wanted to see what it was like. I have started it and aim to finish it in the next month (there’s a lot of it and I’m busy) but I wholeheartedly recommend it from what I have seen of it so far. It comes in hardback and as a downloadable PDF document.

12. Plan a weekend away.

My best friend and I keep talking about a weekend away and I would really like to actually make that happen next year so I am going to start brainstorming places that I would like to visit and set a budget to see how much fun we can pack in on the smallest budget.

13. Save a reasonable amount of money.

Between now and December 31st I plan to save a reasonable amount of money so that I can start 2017 with a tidy sum in my savings account.

14. 30 day ab challenge

I would love to take part in and complete a 30 day ab challenge, I plan to this for the month of November so that I know to stay on track and make sure that I can finish it, and finish it well.

15. 30 day squat challenge.

Same as the above. I really enjoy a challenge so I really hope I can achieve these two in the month of November.

16. Revamp my wardrobe.

My body shape has definitely changed this year and my wardrobe needs to reflect that. At the moment I have items of clothing that I really like but struggle to wear because I don’t have other pieces that I feel comfortable in to make up an outfit.

17. Sort my passport out!

My passport expired in February and I really need to get around to renewing it. I have the form and everything I just keep forgetting to fill it! oops!

and finally:

18. Finish 2016 Strong!

So there are my goals for the end of 2016, what goals are you aiming to achieve by December 31st?

Thanks for reading x

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